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Siemens Orion2 ITE hearing aids

Siemens Orion2 ITE

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Well connected, superbly convenient.

Meet your perfect partners in hearing. Smart, discreet, and rugged, the new Orion™ 2 offers a complete range of hearing solutions tailored to meet your hearing needs and fit your life.


Just like a great partner, Orion 2 is always there for you.

Orion 2 makes sure you don’t miss a thing. It’s packed full of proven Siemens technology. Available as powerful receiver-in-canal, versatile behind-the-ear, or discreet in-the-ear hearing aids, each variant offers a host of practical features. We can help you pick the solution that is just right for you and tailor it to suit your personal hearing needs and sound preferences.

Hear sound the way you prefer to.

All Orion 2 models are wirelessly controllable. You can stream calls from your mobile phone directly into your ears to understand every word clearly. Discover how easy it is to change your hearing programs or volume with useful apps. No matter how quickly the hearing situation changes, you can easily focus on what’s really important.

Available in a variety of colours including:

 Orion2 ITE colours

Orion2 ITE colours