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We understand that you want the very latest, most stylish, and most discreet products to suit your hearing needs. Here is a selection of brochures for our most popular products, that match those requirements, for you to download and read at your leisure.

Signia Pure brochure

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Siemens Intuis 2 brochure

[wpdm_package id=’14722′]

Audio Service quiX

‪[wpdm_package id=’14726′]‬

Siemens Orion 2 brochure

‪[wpdm_package id=’14729′]‬

Signia Insio brochure

[wpdm_package id=’14732′]

Accessories brochure

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Siemens SecureEar brochure

‪[wpdm_package id=’14739′]‬

CENS sporting protection leaflet

‪[wpdm_package id=’14745′]‬

Elacin musicians’ protection leaflet

[wpdm_package id=’14745′]

Puretone musicians’ protection leaflet

‪[wpdm_package id=’14748′]‬

Puretone industrial protection leaflet

‪[wpdm_package id=’14751′]‬

Puretone noise suppression leaflet

‪[wpdm_package id=’14754′]‬