Choose our professional hearing services, and never miss the joke again.

One in 10 adults in the UK would benefit from wearing hearing aids, yet only one person in 30 does.

If you’re losing your hearing, you might find yourself struggling to communicate and realise that your quality of life is suffering.

Hearing aids can help give you back confidence and independence yet some people find it hard to come to terms with the idea of wearing them. They put off the decision and only do something about it when the problems associated with poor hearing simply become too much for them. The earlier you do something about hearing loss, the better. Even when hearing is just starting to deteriorate, the latest hearing aids help to maintain neural pathways in your brain responsible for hearing all the sounds around you. The longer you put off hearing aids, the harder it will be for you to get used to them when you do finally wear them, and more importantly, the more you’ll miss out in life. Our comprehensive end-to-end service is designed to provide the highest level of support, advice, and reassurance needed on your journey back to better hearing.

What does our service include?

Individual, personalised care

We understand that no two clients are the same, so why would their hearing care be? Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and that only comes with an experience that fits your unique needs.

Free hearing tests

Your hearing tests and assessments are free and come without obligation. These can be conducted in the comfort of your own home or at one of our consulting rooms located throughout Somerset – whichever you prefer.

Expert fitting

Not only do we take a bespoke 3D model of your ear to ensure the best possible fit, we also use the very latest software to customise each part of the hearing aid to your personal preferences and requirements.

Free impartial advice

We aren’t tied into contracts with any manufacturers. This means you can be confident that the advice you get is truly suited to your needs, rather than what we are obligated to supply.

Comprehensive aftercare

Following delivery and fitting of your new hearing instrument (the ‘first fit’), we will make a minimum of three further visits to ensure you are fully satisfied and comfortable in the wearing of your hearing aid(s).

Hearing aid maintenance

We can maintain aids from most manufacturers. Maintenance includes replacement of wax guards and battery drawers, as well as adjustments and reprogramming of digital aids.

All makes repair service

We provide a fast and efficient repair service for most types of hearing aid. All of our repairs come with a guarantee and full aftersales support as standard.

Battery and accessory sales

We offer a convenient and competitive one-stop-shop for all of the items associated with wearing hearing aids.

Tinnitus advice

We can discuss the many different therapies and products that can help you manage your hearing loss related tinnitus so that it has little or no impact on your life.

Two year warranty

All of our hearing aid products come with a comprehensive two year manufacturer’s warranty, as standard.

Hearing protection

Our protection range contains instant fit products for occasional leisure and DIY use, or custom fit devices aimed at providing protection at work or in more specialised environments.

Swimming plugs

Our range of floatable swim plugs are custom-made and are available in a wide range of fun colours.

Service scheme

After two years, you will be given the opportunity to sign up to our popular aftercare scheme which includes an annual hearing reassessment, adjustments and reprogramming, generous discounts on batteries and repairs, plus unlimited home or clinic appointments.

State-of-the-art technology

We take pleasure in learning about the very latest innovations, from all of the leading manufacturers, that are going to be a benefit to our customers.

30 day money back guarantee

Our experience, thorough service, and appropriate advice, means we get it right most of the time; however, nobody knows your hearing like you do, so we never quibble if you just aren’t getting on with your new aids.

Whatever your hearing needs, you can be assured of a first-rate experience and exceptional service.